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Pearsfears: Orange Hickey Dad


A short oneshot story about italian food, falling in love and orange hickeys!Savino moved into a new town, got a new job and is feeling rather anxious about it. His appetite has been gone for a while until he coincidentally stumbles into a small restaurant. It is owned by Vincenzo, a happy-go-lucky father and his teenage daughter Gianna.

Little by little Savino regains his appetite and begins to love the restaurant's food and as time passes he can't help but notice that he also began loving it's owner as well.

As they say, the way into a man's heart is through his stomach.


Genre: Drama, comedy, slice of life, BoysLove

Sprache: Englisch


54 Seiten, Softcover, Din A5

Orange Hickey Dad

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Pearsfears: Orange Hickey Boyfriend


Over a year has passed since Savino entered the lifes of Vincenzo and Gianna. His days are filled with affection, breakfasts at the restaurant and motor roller rides to work.
Savino has finally found his happy place. Everything is good, until they have an unpleasant encounter that makes Savino’s head spin with doubt.


Genre: Drama, comedy, slice of life, BoysLove

Sprache: Englisch


80 Seiten, Softcover, Din A5

Orange Hickey Boyfriend

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Pearsfears: Verzweigt


„Dies ist eine Geschichte über das Alleinsein. Über ein Leben in Einsamkeit. Über das Anderssein und Ausgrenzung.
Eine kurze Geschichte aus meiner Kindheit über eine besondere Begegnung.“


20 Seiten, Softcover, Din A5


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Pearsfears: Sammelkiste


Sketch Artbook

This is a collection of traditional and digital sketches, doodles and overall drawings I did over the last 2 years! Named after the folder I have on my PC where all my drawings end up at some point.


❖ THE PRINT ❖ - DinA5 Softcover - stiched binding (meaning: you can open it really wide and it's super unwreckable and the pages won't fall out no matter how much you bend it) - 208 pages in b/w ❖ THE SKETCHES ❖ - ca. 65 OC pages (KTJ, OHD, RE-series, etc) - ca. 70 fanart pages (HxH, JJBA, etc) - ca. 35 random sketches pages "


208 Seiten, Softcover, Din A5


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